UFOs Spotted Near Boston In Region That Is Alleged Home To ‘Shapeshifting Creature’

ufo orbs in sky


Several UFOs have been reported near the city of Boston around a location alleged to be the home of a legendary swamp creature known as the Pukwudgie.

That’s right.

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Yowie, Ohio Grassman, Monkey Man, Mogollon Monster, Wendigo, Almas, Orang Pendek, Mapingauri, Yeren, Skunk Ape, the Jersey Devil, the Mothman, Chupacabra, Loch Ness Monster, and now the Pukwudgie.

The area in question is located around 50 miles south of Boston in the so-called Bridgewater Triangle, an area between the towns of Abington, Rehoboth, and Freetown, reports The US Sun.

According to Wikipedia, “Pukwudgies can appear and disappear at will, shapeshift (of which the most common form is a creature that looks like a porcupine from the back and a half-troll, half-human from the front and walks upright), lure people to their deaths, use magic, launch poison arrows, and create fire.

“Native Americans believed that Pukwudgies were once friendly to humans, but then turned against them, and are best left alone. According to lore, a person who annoyed a Pukwudgie would be subject to nasty tricks by it, or subject to being followed by the Pukwudgie, who would cause trouble for them. They are known to kidnap people, push them off cliffs, attack their victims with short knives and spears, and to use sand to blind their victims.”

They certainly sound like nasty little buggers.

The area was recently investigated by analytical chemist Matt Moniz, Paul Beban and Andrew Bustamante on an episode of the History Channel’s Beyond Skinwalker Ranch.

“It is a thing that will lure you into the woods with balls of light. Or it’ll call you – ‘follow me, follow my light, follow my voice,'” said Moniz, who added that they have also been described as a “type of soul-stealer” and “known to be shapeshifters” who often take the form of coyotes.

During their investigation, The US Sun reports, their drone picked up a “magnetic field interference.”

They then sent the drone back up in the air after a brief charge, with the magnetic interference seemingly still present as several compasses couldn’t determine what direction was due north.

Shockingly, what appeared to be UFOs in the sky that looked like orbs of moving light immediately appeared.

As this was happening, members of the team checked to see if the FAA knew of any aircraft in the area.

“That’s nothing FAA that’s pinging,” they said.

“That’s definitely not an aircraft,” Beban added.

The team also discovered during the investigation a large burrow in the ground with a significant heat signature.

Unfortunately, they were left with more questions than answers by the end of their investigation.

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