Video Of A Heart-Stopping Escape From California Wildfires Is Scary To Watch

The death toll from the raging wildfires burning in Northern California has reached 40 people. The infernos have been torching the area for a week and already been named the deadliest group of simultaneous fires in California history. Strong winds have created a nightmare scenario carrying embers and pushing the fires to spread their destruction rapidly. The 15 main fires have charred over 220,000 acres and destroyed an estimated 5,700 structures. The wildfires have ravaged the central Napa Valley region and have forced local authorities to call for evacuations. These two men had not received a notice to evacuate and they quickly found themselves surrounded by huge walls of flames as the blazing inferno inched closer and closer to them.

A harrowing and heart-stopping video shows two men making a desperate and scary escape from the towering inferno. The men are forced to open a gate but get rained on by a storm of fiery embers. The suffocating smoke made the air unbreathable and limited the visibility which made it extremely dangerous to drive. When they get to a second gate they decide to just bust through it with their Ford Expedition rather than get burned. This death-defying escape video looks absolutely horrifying and as if it was from a natural disaster movie. Thankfully the two men were able to safely navigate through the scorched landscape that looked like a literal Hell on Earth.