Internet Falls In Love With Viral Video Of Guy 3D Printing A Fortress For Tree Frogs

green tree frog

iStockphoto / aussiesnakes

Every so often a viral video comes along that’s so perfect it stops the Internet in its tracks. One of those videos just hit TikTok.

It is a viral video featuring tree frogs living their best life. TikTok user ‘unknowndazza’ has racked up over 24 million views (and counting) in under 24 hours.

It all started when he noticed a green tree frog living in their fence. The accommodations didn’t look great so he got to work building a more comfortable structure.

One thing led to another, some opossums showed up, and he kept adding new features using the 3D printer. Before he knew it the tree frogs were living the life of luxury.


The Full Frod Story! It’s been a crazy journey from 0 to 60k people of Frodrick! Appreciate your ideas and support☺️ #Frodrick #startedfromthebottomnowwehere #FrodHouse

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Internet Falls In Love With Viral Video Of 3D Printed Castle For Tree Frogs

The top comment on TikTok is nearly as perfect as the video itself. It perfectly captures how the Internet fell for this video immediately. That person wrote “this is the true reason for the Internet.”

Others wrote “give King Julian a house” referencing the opossums needing a 3D-printed structure of their own.

Someone joked about how “there’s a frog out there living better than me.”

Dazza’s TikTok feed has a bunch of shorter videos about the frogs. This tree frogs viral video is the culmination of a long effort to give these croakers the most suitable living conditions possible. And the Internet is just going nuts for it.

We need more content like this on the Internet.

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