Viewers Mock Weather Channel Reporter Jim Cantore For His Dramatic Hurricane Ida Coverage

Jim Cantore Weather Channel Louisiana Hurricane Ida

The Weather Channel

  • Weather Channel reporter Jim Cantore is being mocked for his dramatic coverage of Hurricane Ida in New Orleans.
  • The storm was devastating, but Cantore was shown over-dramatizing his stand-ups on multiple occasions.
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On the sixteen year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ida made landfall on the Gulf Coast and continues to leave a trail of destruction in her wake. Louisiana, Mississippi and parts of Alabama remain under a state of emergency, and more than one million people are without power.

Keep your thoughts and prayers with those who were and are in Ida’s path.

Ida first hit Grand Isle, Louisiana as a Category 4 hurricane on Sunday afternoon with winds 7mph shy of a Category 5— the strongest categorization. It weakened slightly by the time it made its way through New Orleans, but the strength and destruction of the storm is catastrophic in many parts of the Gulf states.

Ida was and is no joke. However, Weather Channel reporter Jim Cantore is the butt of many.

Cantore was stationed in New Orleans over the weekend and is receiving backlash for his coverage of the storm. His notoriety within the weather world is so profound that Louisiana didn’t want him.

Upon arrival, he was wearing a baseball helmet and looked like he was about to be blown over.

Meanwhile, people walked calmly around him.

In two different instances, people were doing cartwheels.

People were straight up trolling him.

With that all being shown, Ida is a nasty bitch and Cantore did legitimately get knocked over by the wind.

It was Cantore’s delivery and garb that had many people either upset with or laughing at him. It was a bit much.

Our thoughts are with you, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.


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