‘Wedding Crashers’ Director Reveals His Plans For What A Sequel Would Look Like

wedding crashers

New Line Cinema

From the year 2000 to about the year 2009, the American movie industry saw a boom of sophomoric comedies that began with the likes of Meet The Parents at the turn of the century.

For the next decade or so, from Anchorman to 40-Year-Old Virgin, from Knocked Up to Superbad, from Step Brothers to The Hangover, these sorts of comedies would come to define that era. As with most things in life, though, society moved beyond that genre, as the comedy landscape in Hollywood is almost unrecognizable compared to what it was a decade ago.

But, even still, given Hollywood’s penchant for reboots, remakes, and sequels, could we potentially see some of these iconic comedies return in the coming years? While it’s certainly unlikely, David Dobkin, the director of Wedding Crashers, says he has an idea for the sequel if it does happen.

“Everybody keeps hitting me up about a Wedding Crashers sequel. We don’t have a script that we’re there with yet. For many, many years every year I got offered to do the sequel, there were some very big deals on the table. And none of us wanted to do a retread of the same movie again. Anything within those first years that we talked about was the same movie, and we were like, ‘Why?’ Financially I probably shouldn’t have done that, but I did (laughs). And Vince and Owen didn’t want to do it either.”

“10 years later, when I was asked again and I hung up the phone after saying no, I thought about it and I’m like, ‘Well I’d be curious what it’d be like for guys in their late 40s who end up being single again and have to go back out in the world. What a weird, difficult, challenging story that is.’ And as long as there’s a real story in the middle of it, to me, it can be a movie.” [via Collider]

Unfortunately, we’ll likely never see a sequel to Wedding Crashers — or any of the beloved comedies from that decade — as the world has simply moved on from that brand of Hollywood humor (just look at how Anchorman 2 turned out).


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