Dream Job Paying $3K/Month To Smoke Weed And Test Products Is Another One My Guidance Counselor Never Mentioned

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I feel like anytime a ‘dream job’ comes across my desk I find myself thinking about how it’s just another glorious opportunity that my H.S. guidance counselor never mentioned when in reality the only things my H.S. guidance counselor ever mentioned at all was which colleges I should apply to based on my scores + grades + recommendations.

That was the extent of our relationship, so I don’t really know where I got it in my head that they should’ve been helping me plan for life. Movies, maybe?

Before I get too distracted, let’s talk about the dream job at hand. The opportunity is from online magazine American Marijuana which is based out of New York. They are searching for a candidate who will review and test out an array of Marijuana-related products and they’re willing to pay up to $36,000/year for the right employee.

They’ve listed some interesting information on their website related to the job. For starters, the employee will have to live in a state where medical marijuana is legal (obviously). They also explain that they’re looking for way more than just a functional pothead. They need a stoner who has a vast knowledge of the marijuana industry as it currently stands so that person can write competently about the products.

If you think you got the guts to smoke weed every day (plays Snoop Dogg song) and get paid doing it, you might just be the guy we need. But DO NOT expect us to hire you just because you can smoke because we’re looking for a guy who also has extensive knowledge of marijuana to educate our readers.

Lastly, the applicant needs to be physically fit and healthy in general to carry out cannabis product reviews regularly.

As for what the day-to-day duties will actually look like, I’m pretty jealous. If I wasn’t a partner here a BroBible I think I might be enticed to explore a freelance opportunity and I don’t even smoke weed on the regular. This just sounds too good to be true even though the ‘job is 100% for real’ as they say on their site:

Every month, the lucky applicant will be shipped a box containing different brands and varieties of cannabis products every month. These products range from weed strains, vapes, edibles to CBD oils.

The applicant will then test the products in person and write about their experience with the product from unboxing to everything they’ll be doing with the product. It has to also be noted that the applicant will be required to record their experience in film.

This includes an in-depth explanation of their experience with the product during and after their use to educate readers and viewers on the effectiveness of the product.

If you would’ve told my college-self that I could get paid $36,000 to smoke/eat/test weed products and I could still maintain another full-time job I would’ve told you that you were completely full of shit and were trying to lure me into a basement so you could drink my blood or some shit like that. But the future is now and this is totally legit.

Here’s what you’ll get in compensation for this ‘dream job’ from American Marijuana:

Be paid up to $3,000 a month / $36,000 a year in salary (explained in detail in the Terms and Conditions section)
Receive FREE cannabis products (sent on a monthly basis to your address for testing)

In order to apply, you’ll need to head on over to the American Marijuana ‘Dream Job’ landing page where you’ll upload a resume along with a headshot or ‘preferably link to a 60-second intro video’ where you discuss your passion for testing cannabis-related products.

You’ll need to attach links to your existing social media accounts, presumably because they’re looking for a self-promoter who will be able to spread their reviews to a large audience. And you will need to name ‘at least 6 street names, slang terms, or nicknames of marijuana’ as some sort of display that you are taking this application seriously, or so they say.

If this sounds like your dream job, you can click here to get started with the application process today.