People Shared Their Family’s Weirdest Turkey Day Traditions And I Realized My Fam Is Boring AF

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Every family who gets together for Thanksgiving has some sort of Turkey Day traditions in place. Whether it be the food served, the china and placemats they’re served on, or some sort of ritual performed like ‘giving thanks’ before, during, or after the meal.

My family has these rolling traditions that seem to pop up every few years and then the family acts like it’s something we’ve done every year without skipping a beat. This primarily concerns food.

Some years we’ll serve Florida Stone Crab as an appetizer (we’re Floridians) and act like that’s something we’ve done every Thanksgiving since the dawn of time. Other years, we’ll serve oysters a few different ways (Raw, Chargrilled, Rockefeller) and all the family members will act like that’s something we do every damn year (it’s not).

Jimmy Fallon asked his 50+ million followers on Twitter to share a quick tweet of their #TurkeyDayTradition and I’ve suddenly realized that my family’s rather boring when it comes to Thanksgiving. He combined the best responses into a quick video on last night’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon but I’ve also included a bunch of the tweets below because I know a lot of you would rather scroll through tweets than watch a video.

Here are those tweets I mentioned…

This has to be good luck for Thanksgiving, right? Right?!

This seems like a surefire way to f*ck up a kid for years.

I’m instituting this tradition in my household beginning this year.

So we actually do something very similar to this but instead of having everyone sign a tablecloth we have them sign wooden napkin rings. You come to dinner once, sign your napkin ring, and it’s there forever anytime you come back to dinner.

I’d name the turkey after myself.

Hard pass.

It seems like there’s probably a much better use for the leftover cranberry sauce than this.

I like this family already.

Now, THIS is what Thanksgiving is all about. This right here is why I put on my fat pants for Turkey Day.

You can check out more of these tweets by clicking here and perusing the hashtag on Twitter.

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