People All Across The Globe Are Sharing The Weirdest Foods Eaten In Their Country And WTF, Australia?!

taco de escamoles con aguacate

iStockphoto / monicagodefroy

I’m always down to eat some weird stuff. I’ve eaten cow’s brain and pig’s brain. I’m chowed down on barnacles that look like dragon’s claws, tarantulas, rattlesnake, fermented shark, and all sorts of insects. I’ve also eaten some of the finest steaks on the planet and rare aged cheeses you can’t even purchase in America.

It’s not that I’m seeking out weird foods to try but I’ll certainly taste them when the opportunity presents itself which is often the case when traveling. Over on Twitter, a bunch of people began sharing the weirdest foods that are commonly eaten in their countries. In some cases, the foods are pretty damn strange. In other instances, it’s not the food that’s weird but it’s when and where they eat the food (seriously, WTF Australia?!).

Let’s check out what people are eating all across the planet…

Brought to you by State Fair all across America.

This is definitely coming to America. You can buy fried crickets at the Seattle Mariners’ stadium now all season long.

This makes no goddamn sense.

Doesn’t every culture eat raw meat in some form? Steak tartare or sushi, etc?

Hard pass on this mayo dish for me.

Nothing at all weird about this. All of these dishes are great.

I had something similar in Iceland, Hakarl, which is fermented Greenland Shark that’s been left to rot underground.

I’ve never heard of this. I’d certainly give it a try.

You have my interest…

Say what now?! This might be the limit for me.

You guys have anything you want to add to this list? I know we have a literal shit ton of international readers here at BroBible. Care to toss your weirdest food into the mix? Hit up the comments down below.

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