This Is What Would Happen To Your Body Inside Of A Microwave Oven

This is something I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I’ve thought about more than a handful of times. Whenever I find myself sitting in front of the microwave oven waiting for my popcorn to finish, or my soup that’s still freezing on the bottom but molten hot on top to explode and cover my microwave in soup, my mind occasionally wanders to thinking about what would happen to my hand if it was in a microwave oven. Pain. My feeble brain doesn’t really know jack shit about microwaves, and I can never really get past ‘man, that would hurt like shit’.

Thankfully for me, the Meet Arnold YouTube team put together this handy little animated simulation which shows exactly what would happen if someone were inside of a microwave. For this simulation, they use the scenario of Arnold needing to dry his clothes off and Arnold is presumably a tiny little guy. If you watched the video then you saw that Arnold was dead after all of his skin was roasted…But, one question I now have, is what would happen if they just threw Arnold’s clothes in there instead of Arnold wearing the clothes? Have any of you bros out there ever tried to dry off your clothes using a microwave? Am I going to set my house on fire if I attempt this?