This $100,000 White Gold Caviar Is One Of The Most Expensive Foods On The Planet

Caviar is a salty treat often reserved for the wealthy. You can buy salty fish eggs at pretty much every grocery store in the world, sushi places will slap red fish eggs on a roll and call it caviar, but in both of those instances, it’s almost never actual caviar.

The term ‘caviar’ typically refers only to the roe (eggs) of wild sturgeon from the Black and Caspian Seas. The most common types include Beluga, Ossetra and Sevruga but there are plenty more including this ‘White Gold Caviar’ below. The most expensive caviar typically comes from Beluga Sturgeon in the Caspian Sea but Beluga Caviar’s got nothing on this White Gold.

The team from Great Big Story went to a tiny fish farm in Austria that produces a caviar from rare albino sturgeon. Fish farm? Doesn’t that violate the rule that caviar needs to be from wild sturgeon? It does, but nobody in the high-end caviar game seems to mind. Probably because this albino stuff is so rare and delicious.

A tin of this White Gold Caviar from the father-son fish farm in Austria will cost you a cool $113,630 if you’re lucky enough to find it. It’s mostly carried by the world’s top restaurants and most luxurious hotels. The albino sturgeon caviar is topped with 22-karat edible gold leaf which makes it even more over the top.

Scrolling through Instagram, it appears that there are plenty of people out there getting their hands on this stuff for $113K a pop.

How much does your net worth have to be in order to justify ordering a $113,630 tin of albino caviar that you could eat in one bite if you wanted to? $20 million in the bank? $100 million? Billionaire? At what point are you okay with dropping $100K on a few ounces of fish eggs?

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Or is this something that an individual never purchases? Maybe buying $113K worth of caviar for yourself is too much. Perhaps this is something you give someone as a gift when you’re worth more money than you know what to do with. Maybe it’s a dish that businessmen order when they’re in negotiations to have their companies purchased and they want to gauge the level of interest from a buyer.

I really just don’t f*cking know who can afford something like this and order it with a straight face, not at that price.

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