Whoever thinks Punk Rock is dead hasn’t seen this chick wailing on her dog

Punk Rock is alive and well, it’s just off in Hsinchuang, Taiwan being maintained by this chick wailing on her dog.

Okay, so maybe it’s not quite Punk Rock, but what else is there to say here other than ‘holy shit that was awesome’? I’d also be a fool if I didn’t mention here that I just learned out how say “LMAO” in another language by using the Bing translation feature on this Facebook video’s comment: 葳幼家 笑死我.

So like, today’s sort of the best day ever, huh? Is it my birthday and I forgot? Also, anyone know what instrument is playing in this song? Damn, I’m useless as sh*t today. Apologies, maybe I’ll get funnier as the day goes on….


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H/T: reader @pkdub