Bro Gets Accidentally Invited To A Stranger’s Bachelor Party And He’s Going Anyway With An Awesome Story

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Have you ever gotten an email on accident that was intended for someone else? I get them almost daily and I even have a pretty obscure name. A friend of mine named Brittany C. gets them nonstop because she has a very common email address and it sounds like torture.

Sometimes, things work out for the best. For example, I received a package of Tequila and Mezcal last Summer before Cinco de Mayo that was addressed to someone else’s name with my address. I contacted the sender and they wanted me to keep it for doing the right thing and reaching out to them. It worked out perfectly for me.

This story below is an example of everything working out for the best. Will Novak lives in Arizona. He accidentally received an email to attend the bachelor party of ‘Angelo’, a ski trip to Vermont. After reading through the email and realizing he had an epic opportunity on his hands, Will responded and said that while he’d received the email in error he was 100% in if they’d have him. He then took to GoFundMe to fund the trip and raised enough money to attend within hours.

Here’s the email Will received in error:

Angelo’s Bachelor Party
Vermont 2019
– Bring your 80’s attire, ridiculous awesome get ups, etc. for skiing, ask yourself. “what would Angelo wear?”…. wear that!

Ski Tickets:
If you plan on skiing you’re going to need one of these!

Tickets can be purchased ahead of time to save money!
Or at ticket window at full price

Shirts: Shirts are being made for the weekend, so I need your sizes (small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL) etc.

– I need everyone to respond with shirt size they would like or you will get what you get.
– You will receive your shirt upon arrival.

What’s included in the $150 pp (Food, Beer, Housing etc):

* Since we will be staying off the mountain, we will need Food, Beer, Fire Wood, Housing, etc. I will be providing these.
* To cut cost my wife was kind enough to cook all the food for the weekend and put them in easy oven heat trays to eliminate majority of the cooking.
* We will Have Italian food one night and BBQ food the next.
* There will also be plenty of snack foods, beer, soft drinks, water as well.
– You will also receive an epic one of kind bachelor (Bildo Original) Party T-Shirt.
– This also includes lift tickets for Angelo to ski, after all this weekend is about him.
– We will be staying at the John’s Ski Chalet.

· There are multiple bedrooms, bunk beds, pull out couches and sofas to crash on, but with some people twice your age attending, these people will take president over sleeping accommodations:
· I do suggest bringing an air mattress, sleeping bag, blanket etc.
· I will be bringing (2) fold up cots as well.

Devin (via)

After sitting on this for a short period of time, Will knew he had to respond, and he knew he had to attend. Here’s Will’s reponse:

I do not know who Angelo is. I am a Will Novak who lives in Arizona. Vermont seems like a very far way for me to travel for the bachelor party of a guy I’ve never met.

That being said: fucking count me in! From the contents of this email, Angelo sounds tremendous and I want to help send him off in style. I hope his bride (or groom) to be, is awesome.

I should note that being a desert dweller, I’ve only been skiing once and I was real bad at it. I hope you all are patient with me on the slopes. In exchange for said patience, I can bring my sweet Nintendo Switch so we can play games in the cabin/chalet/whatever in the evenings. If Angelo isn’t into video games I’m happy to bring suduko puzzles or just Indian Leg Wrestle or whatever he likes.

I do find myself tripped up on what to wear. Clearly the direction of asking “what would Angelo wear?” Is a good one. However, again, I do not know him. I once got a wrestling singlet worn by “Hacksaw” Jim Dugan after a WWF event I attended in 1989 (don’t ask how- that’s private), I can just wear that- though it may not be cold weather conducive.

I wear a size L shirt.

I am 35, so I’m not sure where that puts me in age priority in terms of beds. But I always travel with a foldable hammock, so I’m good no matter what.

If you can all advise me on the nearest airport to fly into, I’ll make arrangements forthwith.

Yours in partying,

– Will Novak
The one in Phoenix (via)

The friends must’ve been shocked to receive Will’s response. How are they supposed to know if this dude’s actually chill and someone that’ll be fun to spend a weekend with or if he’s a serial killer who received the email on accident?

They then ask for a link to his Facebook so they can at least determine if he’s a psycho or not.

William Novak the one in Phoenix,

We all agree, we are all very excited to meet you. As you sound Tremendous as well!

We agree that your timely response may have been one of (if not the best) responses to an e-mail that has ever been sent. And we insist on you coming, this would surely make Angelos day. We can pick you up from the airport. We will provide an outfit that fits though I would agree the wrestling outfit will do just fine. I am sure we can scavenge some money to help your cause and eliminate some cost for sure. Don’t worry about the video Games, but bring Sudoku puzzles (Angelo loves those), and yes we would prefer Indian Leg Wrestling. Your age of 35 fits right in, but unfortunately falls into the half the age bracket, would suggest bringing your folding hammock.

– Flights from Arizona that weekend are $230 RT. If we buck up an extra $ each we can help you out for sure. I don’t see why not, it sounds affordable to me.

– You can either fly into Newark airport in NJ, or Albany, NY. We will be waiting with a suit for you to wear and adequate transportation to Vermont and back to the airport.

– We are willing to eliminate the $150.00 cost.

– If you don’t ski well you’re going to learn, and if not plenty of bars and restaurants to where you can “hang out and put out the vibe”.

What we need from William Novak the one in Phoenix:
– Picture so we can identify you at the airport upon arrival. You’ll know who we are you can’t miss us.

– Facebook or something we can at least check you out, we are crazy but not stupid. I am sure you can understand this little request.

William Novak the one in Phoenix,
We look forward to meeting you and helping us send Angelo off. If you think we are kidding we are not. You better be coming, as we all are all dying to meet you. Not only will this be a weekend Angelo will not forget it will be one you surely will not forget as well. (via)

Will’s only been skiing once, according to his Twitter. So this should be interesting.

The $750 he was hoping to raise on GoFundMe was to cover the $392 flight, $100 car rental + $50 for gas, $96 ski ticket, $64 ski equipment rental, and $48-$150 for food in the house.

Will has raised over $3,200 so far, blowing past his $750 goal.

It gets better. This trip isn’t just a bachelor party. The bachelor and his wife-to-be are having a baby soon so it’s also his last trip before becoming a dad. Will already’s raised more than enough to fund his trip ($3,285 with a $750 goal) so the rest of the money will go to the expecting parents. He shared this update on the GoFundMe:

“1/12/19 UPDATE: I just found out that the bachelor, Angelo, and his bride to be are expecting their 1st baby! It’s a bachelor party and a baby shower! All funds raised beyond the $750 I need for the trip will go to Angelo for his baby college/food/toys/whatever the baby needs fund!

#AngelosBachelorParty just keeps getting better!”

I really hope we continue to see updates as this trip comes to fruition. I need pictures of this guy meeting the crew and basically becoming the house mascot for the entire weekend. Those extra funds from GoFundMe? He needs to go to the bank and get one of those huge checks you get from the lottery to give to the bachelor.

This has so much potential.