Will Smith Accepts Epic Challenge To Helicopter Bungee Jump Over The Grand Canyon

by 12 months ago
Will Smith helicopter bungee challenge

YouTube / Will Smith

Am I the only one noticing that Will Smith is moving away from acting (in good films) and slowly turning into a social media influencer? All of his best clips of the past year have been on Instagram or YouTube, and now this.

YouTubers Yes Theory challenged Will Smith to bungee jump out of a helicopter. Bungee Jumping in and of itself is considered an extreme sport. The highly-elastic ropes occasionally snap, people flop off the bottom of canyons. Accidents happen. But bungee jumping out of a helicopter? Has this ever been done before? What variables need to be taken into account before this happens? Will the helicopter props slice through the bungee cord and send Big Willie careening off into the Grand Canyon?

After sitting on this challenge for a while Will Smith finally accepted and he did so with a YouTube video because like I said before, Will Smith is slowly morphing into a full-time social media influencer:

Will also took to Instagram to respond:

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What would you do… Yes/Hell Naw? @yestheory

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Will Smith is the man. It’s awesome that he’s having more and more fun the older he gets. What’s the point of making hundreds of millions of dollars if you’re not going to have fun in life?

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