Will Smith Makes A Startling Confession About His Bowel Movements And This Doesn’t Sound Healthy

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It seems that the “Fresh Prince” isn’t so fresh – or at least his farts aren’t – according to his son, Jaden.

This all came to light on a recent episode of Jada Pinkett Smith’s Facebook Watch series, Red Table Talk.

The matriarch of the Smith family had the clan on to discuss several topics around food, weight, and healthy eating habits.

During the episode, Will, admitted to being the heaviest he’s ever been in his life – thanks in part to “four or five muffins” at breakfast – and shared his hurt feelings about a nickname given to him by his wife and daughter.

“Jada and Willow made up a name. They started calling me Pudge Muffin,” he said.

Will is tipping the scales at 225, which is considered overweight for his 6’2″ frame.

The culprit is probably his muffin intake, along with other unhealthy eating habits, but much of the weight packed in his gut could be from Will’s possibly unhealthy pooping schedule.

“Smith said that sometimes he ‘can go three days without it,’ to which his son, Jaden, responded, “That’s why your farts smell like that.”

One bowel movement every three days? Can that be healthy?

According to Healthline, there’s “no generally accepted number of times a person should poop.”

As a broad rule, pooping anywhere from three times a day to three times a week is normal. Most people have a regular bowel pattern: They’ll poop about the same number of times a day and at a similar time of day.

So should this be a reason for concern for Smith? That all depends on his BM schedule before packing on the pounds.

A healthy diet with more fiber should be the answer. Maybe switch to bran muffins?

Or maybe just watch this video a few times for motivation.

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