Wingstop Is Dropping Two New Wing Sauce Flavors Starting Immediately – Ancho Honey Glaze & Harissa Lemon Pepper

There’s only one thing that can satisfy the craving for Wingstop: Going to Wingstop. While other chicken wing chains certainly try their hardest, Wingstop delivers consistently amazing every single time. Their wings are always perfectly crispy, clearly using the chicken wings out there. And the flavors! There are bold wing flavors to fit every taste – Spicy, tangy, sweet, smoky.

If you love chicken wings as much as I love chicken wings, Wingstop is seriously-habit forming.

When I moved to LA from NYC a few years ago, Wingstop became my neighborhood go-to for take out wings. I’ll be honest: I’m a big time chicken wing snob. If I don’t get my wings at least once a week, I feel like there’s a big culinary hole missing from my heart.

Thus, when I moved to LA last fall, my Thursday night routine looked like this: Place a Wingstop order at the office – 10 pack combo with half mango habanero, half cajun, and seasoned fries. Swing by the grocery store for a six pack of beer. Swing by Wingstop, where my takeout order was waiting for me with a polite smile.

Then head home and savor every delicious bite of my wings while watching football until bedtime.

Rinse, wash, repeat.

Unlike other wing joints, Wingstop almost never updates their menu. Their 11 flavors are staples, no matter what Wingstop location you visit.

That’s why today’s news, for us chicken wing connoisseurs, is so exciting.

Wingstop has new flavors, for a limited time only. It’s the first limited edition flavor in two years, since the wildly popular Brazilian Citrus Pepper.

Introducing Wingstop Ancho Honey Glaze and Harissa Lemon Pepper – only available today through September 1. 

Here’s the skinny, straight from Wingstop PR:

  • Ancho Honey Glaze: Infused with smoky dried Ancho peppers from southern Mexico and the heat of aged cayenne, this hot honey glaze introduces a mouth-tingling fire that fans will be sweet on.
  • Harissa Lemon Pepper: This new flavor answers the call from loyal fans to introduce a spicier sister to Wingstop’s most popular flavor, Lemon Pepper. It’s a fusion inspired by traditional North African spices, marrying exotic Harissa pepper paste and roasted bell peppers with the zesty brightness of lemon.

I love bold flavors, so it looks like I’ll be mixing up my order for the next few months.

Based on looks alone, I’m already drooling at my desk:

See you soon, Wingstop.

Can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to try this.

Order up.

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