Multiple Witnesses Claim They Saw Fighter Jets Engage With A UFO Over Michigan

ufo flies over trees - witnesses fighter jets bad axe michigan


Several witnesses reported seeing a pair of F-16 fighter jets engaged in a “dogfight” with a UFO last week over Bad Axe, Michigan.

Following their UFO sighting, they reported what they had seen to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC).

“Quiet afternoon no signs of planes it’s, 10 am, in the parking lot of the storage unit across from [Meijer’s grocery store]. Myself, my wife and 2 Co workers were helping move my camper! Suddenly ear shattering afterburner on 2 what I think were F-16 or F-22 were flying together whilst dogfighting something I couldn’t see at first.

“They would circle fast as they could, looking intently for something. Circling the sun around about 2 or 3 times and suddenly there was this white/metallic disc hard to see because it was shining with the sun, it seemed to hide in the sun from the fighters, whom obviously couldn’t see it,” he continued.

“The UAP [Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, or UFO] was extremely fast it was capable of overtaking and outmaneuvering the fighter jets with extreme ease. It would overtake a jet, stop suddenly and seemed to turn toward the incoming jet like spin in there direction without moving. The jet would shoot out anti missile flares like it was under direct attack.

“The UAP was also comfortable to just spin again and make the next jet flanking shoot its anti missile flares! There was clear distress. The fighters took off together repeating this attack approximately 3 times before taking off in an ear shattering retreat. The UAP sat in the sun a moment longer and seemed to circle the area almost as in a victory lap, it then departed with absolutely no sound in the complete opposite direction as the fighter jets had flown.

“To be clear, when the UAP was stationary and the jets had flown away every time – the 3 attempts and the retreat – the only clear sound of a airplane was the fighters who seemed to be intercepting this sudden threat. I did not see if the UAP had shot anything I could define as a weapon. And the fact that the dogfight happened almost entirely in the rays of the sun my Galaxy s22 Ultra was not able to get anything other than a blinding glare and noise.”

NUFORC later spoke with two of the witnesses, one who was identified by the Huron Daily Tribune as Christopher Bilbrey.

Bilbrey, who said he was a military veteran, after reviewing photos of types of aircraft, was able to narrow down the identification of the jets to F-16s, not F-22s. He stated that he was familiar with aircraft from his time stationed at the 304th Expeditionary Signal Battalion in South Korea.

Four days after the initial UFO sighting, Bilbrey says the fighter jets returned to the same spot, at the same time of day, firing flares again.

Huron County Sheriff Kelly Hanson said his office received no reports of incident, but if the fighter jets were F-16s, they would have been scrambled from the 180th Fighter Wing in Toledo, Ohio.

Back in February, a UFO was shot down over Lake Huron by F-16 pilots using Sidewinder missiles.

The Pentagon has footage of that UFO being shot down, but refuses to release any of it to the public.

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