Guy Tries ‘Wolverine’ Eating Plan For One Day And It Involves Intermittent Fasting AND Eating 4,000 Calories

There are hundreds of eating and training plans that will transform the average guy’s physique into a walking superhero, but the most popular and replicated is Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman played the hairy hero in “The Wolverine” on screen seven years ago and dudes are still trying to look exactly like the living form of the X-Men member.

It’s evident by looking at Hugh Jackman in the role that while he worked his ass off in the gym, his physique was made in the kitchen.

Fitness YouTuber Aseel Soueid is the latest to publicly try – and discuss – the incredibly strict diet that Hugh Jackman followed while preparing for the movie.

Soueid attempted the Wolverine eating plan for just one day, and honestly, the 4,000 calories involved sound incredibly exhausting to eat. Throw in the fact that intermittent fasting is also required, and the Wolverine diet sounds harder than physical exercise.

Just one day on the Wolverine diet consists of six meals, all eaten within a window of only eight hours.

Men’s Health breaks down precisely what Soueid’s had to do to get all of his calories plus the training involved.

Coming off of a 16-hour fast at 2 p.m., Aseel’s first meal of the day is two fried eggs and a cup of oatmeal with blueberries. Almost immediately after finishing breakfast, he starts preparing his next pre-workout meal: a 10-ounce sirloin steak with sweet potatoes and steamed broccoli, and a Greek salad on the side.

After a weight training session, it’s time for meal number three: 6 ounces of skinless chicken breast fillet, brown rice and salad. “This is definitely where things are going to get a little bit tough in terms of being very full because of the small eating window and all of the clean food,” he says.

The fourth meal comprises two servings of mixed nuts and a whey protein shake, and is rapidly followed by meal five: 6 ounces of cooked tilapia, steamed broccoli, avocado, and more Greek salad. The sixth and final meal is simply two more servings of mixed nuts.

I’m tired just reading about the preparation involved.

If you’re still interested in looking like a living, breathing Logan, watch the video above.


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