Woman Attacked By Snake Then By A Hawk Attacking The Snake: ‘This Will Scar Me For Life’

hawk attack snake attack Texas

iStockphoto / SteveMcsweeny

Peggy Jones had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

The woman from Silsbee, Texas, a small town north of Beaumont and about 2 hours east of Houston was attacked by a snake that fell from the sky. As if that wasn’t enough, she was then viciously attacked by a hawk that swooped down to attack the snake and she sustained cuts all over her arms from the hawk attack.

Thankfully, she didn’t suffer any infections from the lacerations she received after being attacked by the hawk. But she told KPRC 2 Click2Houston that she will be ‘scarred for life’ after being attacked by a snake that fell from the sky and then attacked by a hawk within a matter of seconds.

Peggy Jones’ arms got wrecked. She shared photos of the carnage with Click2Houston in which the cuts under her arms can be seen.

I do not encourage you to click to see those photos of the cuts she sustained from the hawk attack if you are squeamish.

According to Jones, the hawk attacked her four times to try and get the snake. On the fourth attack, the hawk was successful and flew away with the snake that had miraculously fallen from the sky and attacked her immediately before the hawk attack.

The woman from Texas said she “was yelling and screaming” and didn’t know what was happening. At the time, she thought she was being bitten by a snake because she had, in fact, just been attacked by snake that fell out of the sky. But it was a hawk attacking her four times.

In addition to her arms being shredded the hawk’s talons, the lenses on her glasses were shattered and they found snake venom on the lenses from where the snake was striking… At her eyeballs… She somehow managed to avoid being bitten by the venomous snake but it was that close. Venom on her eyeglasses!

Here’s to hoping that nobody out there ever finds themselves in this situation. A venomous snake attacking your shattered eyeglasses while a hawk rips apart your arms in an attempt to eat the snake that just fell from the heavens and started attacking you.

Like I said before, Peggy Jones had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.