Woman Who Claims To Have ‘Ruined’ Johnny Manziel’s Life In 2015 Goes Viral On TikTok

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“I’m in my thirties now. I’m happily married with two children, living in the burbs,” Heather Kuntz, a fashion influencer, begins her story about Johnny Manziel. “But when I was in my twenties… I lived. I lived.

“The year is 2016 [it was actually 2015, but that’s not important], I’m living in Houston, Texas and I’m working for my friend’s beer company as a beer rep.

“Part of my territory was College Station where Texas A&M University is.

“It’s fall. I need to make my normal territory rounds. So my friend and I decide that we’re going to go to a Texas A&M versus Auburn football game.

“Mind you, I’m 26 years-old at this point and not in college whatsoever.”

“My plan was to go have a meeting on Friday with the president of the beer distributor. We were going to go have lunch or whatever and then I was going to just enjoy my weekend, see the football game, whatever,” Kuntz continues.

“Now, the president of the beer distributor is a young guy. He’s probably a couple of years older than I was at that point.

“He was flying in in the morning and we were supposed to get lunch and his flight got delayed and he ended up not being able to make our lunch.

“He calls me and is like, ‘hey, why don’t we just meet up later at like a bar or something and we can, you know, talk there or whatever.’ Totally normal for the beer distributor. I’m like, ‘okay, sweet, whatever, sounds good.’

“So as the night goes on I get a text from him, ‘hey, one of my buddies just got into town and he’s really not into the bar scene right now, so we’re probably just going to hang out at my house and have a little house party if you want to come, cool, if not, whatever.’

“So my friend and I are like, ‘sure, why not, let’s go.'”

When she arrives at the “house party” she says there were only like 10 people there.

Her boss introduces her to the people that were there and wouldn’t you know it, one of the people is a guy named Johnny. Or as she puts it in her TikTik video, “Johnny Freaking Manziel. Johnny Football. Heisman Trophy winner.”

“Fresh out of rehab, in the NFL on the Browns Johnny.”

“And he was not having a good year,” she continued. “It was a rough one. He got into some trouble that year.”

She says she didn’t really hang out with him much that night, but at one point her and her friend go to take a picture and JFF photobombs them. At that point, her friend kissed Manziel on the cheek and the moment was captured in the photo.

“Monday morning rolls around and I wake up to this…” she continued, showing a screenshot of a New York Post article [dated Nov. 9, 2015, by the way] with the headline “Johnny Manziel returns to college, parties with co-eds.”

In that story, and others, it was reported that she was one who was kissing Johnny Manziel. She wasn’t, as her photo proves.

She finished by claiming that the photo and subsequent story was the final straw that got Johnny Manziel kicked off the Browns, although that is certainly debatable. (There were a WHOLE LOT of other reasons too, like allegedly threatening to kill and hitting his then girlfriend Colleen Crowley.)

Still, it’s a nice story she can share for the rest of her life.

Take a listen…

@theheatherkuntz Ruining men’s lives just became my thing after this. Johnny I 🫶🏻 you. Forgive me. I’m sorry. You’re the GOAT. #texas #johnnymanziel #johnnyfootball #texasam #gigem ♬ original sound – Heather Kuntz

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