Woman Returns Home To Find A Snake Has Clogged Her Toilet In Wild Video

hand lifting a toilet seat

iStockphoto / Madhourse

A woman in Arizona called in a snake removal specialist after returning home to find a snake had clogged her toilet and did no want to be removed.

Michelle Lespron of Tucson, Arizona had been in on a trip in Nashville when she returned home to the comfort of her own toilet. It’s unclear how long she was out of town, aka how much time the snake had to violate the sanctity of her porcelain throne, but we know it was enough time for the black and pink Coachwhip Snake to embed itself in her toilet.

Coachwhip snakes can reach up to 8.5 feet long and come in an array of colors including pink, black, tan, gray, reddish-brown, and any combination of those colors, according to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

Footage of the black and pink Coachwhip Snake being removed by Rattlesnake Solutions has since gone viral on Instagram before being picked up by Fox 10 Phoenix.

The caption reads ‘snake in a toilet’ as if that isn’t absolutely terrifying.

The top comments read:

“Make sure to put down the seat. You don’t want any REAL problems.”

“I will never sleep again.”

“My greatest fear. Sitting on the toilet and having a snake bite me on the rear end.”

Aaaaaand we found the animal lover in the comments:

“Aw was it stuck in the pipes? I hope it was able to be removed without injury.”

The snake was removed from her toiled and that’s all that matters.

If that snake looked particularly fast to you, it’s not your imagination playing tricks. These are incredibly fast snakes and have been clocked at speeds of 3.6 MPH which for an 8+ foot snake would seem lightning fast.

They can also lay up to 20 eggs in the Summer… So here’s to hoping that she doesn’t find 20 snake eggs in her house after it got stuck in her toilet…