Woman On TikTok Warns Others After Finding A Tracker In Her Purse After Night Out

Woman On TikTok Finds A Tile Tracker In Her Purse After Night Out

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A woman on TikTok has issued a warning that’s gone viral after finding a Tile tracker had been dropped into her purse during a night out.

In a video that’s now been viewed over 1.1 million times on TikTok, Sheridan Ellis, an artist from Texas, explains what happened.

“Yeah, quick story time slash PSA, for what it’s worth category,” Ellis begins her video.

“This weekend on Saturday I went to dinner with a group of friends for this girl’s birthday. If you know me, I don’t normally carry a purse, but this Saturday I did because we had decorations and stuff at the table.

“At the end of the night I’m cleaning my purse out and I find this,” Ellis says as she holds up a small square item.

“If you don’t know what this is, it’s a tile. Basically a tracker for… you know, people put it on their keys and whatnot.”

“It’s not mine. I don’t know how it got in my purse,” she says apprehensively.

“I immediately took the battery out, don’t worry, but, yeah, check your purses and stay safe out there.”


Check your purses …🥴 ##fyp ##psa ##forwhatitsworth ##safety

♬ good 4 u – Olivia Rodrigo

Wonderful. Yet another thing for everyone to worry about when it comes to dealing with the psychos of the world.

Ellis has so far received over 2,700 comments, many with advice, and many more just flat out creeped TF out that someone would try to use a Tile tracker to keep tabs on her whereabouts.

“The police can definitely find out who purchased that and who downloaded the app registered to it,” claimed one person.

One viewer worried that Amazon’s controversial Sidewalk program using trackers such as this to stalk people.

When asked, Ellis says that yes, she did check with everyone she was out with and none of them lost a tracker. So it’s still a mystery how it got into her purse.

Some people, many, actually, even went so far as to accuse Ellis of making the story up.

“I am so beyond confused/disappointed that so many people are commenting saying I made this up,” Ellis wrote in the comments. “Wanted to share to bring awareness.”

Be better, people.

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