Women Are Shooting Their Shot At Billionaire Tyler Perry After He Revealed That He’s Single And Going Through A Midlife Crisis

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Tyler Perry is one of the most accomplished TV/movie producers of his time.

The creator of the insanely popular Madea movie series has amassed a billion-dollar fortune with his relentless work ethic and an enormous library of work that he has 100 percent ownership over.


Forbes’ breakdown of the star’s billion-dollar fortune includes $300 million in cash and investments and a $60 million stake in BET+. Forbes says Perry’s homes — in Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles and Jackson Hole, Wyoming — and other assets are valued at $40 million. The magazine attributes $320 million of his fortune to his library of work and says his new studio complex, the largest film production studio in the United States, is worth $280 million..

On Wednesday night, Perry posted a selfie on Twitter and revealed that he was single and going through a midlife crisis which immediately went viral on the social media app.

Women immediately took the opportunity to shoot their shot at the single billionaire.