Woody Harrelson Says He Once Survived A ‘Brutal’ Dinner With A Talkative Donald Trump By Leaving To Spark A Joint Halfway Through

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Donald Trump is currently the President of the United States, and as a political science major, I can definitively state there are some people who are pretty thrilled about that fact and others who are decidedly not a fan of our current reality based on my in-depth observations.

There aren’t many things people on both sides of the aisle are able to agree on these days, but whether you hate Trump or adore him, I don’t think it’s that controversial to suggest no one loves Donald Trump more than Donald Trump.

Trump has spent his entire life trying to insert himself into the spotlight whenever the opportunity presents itself and finally got the chance to be the unending center of attention when he was elected in 2016 after repeatedly toying with the idea of running for office for decades.

Woody Harrelson recently spoke with Esquire about a dinner he had with Trump in 2002 when the now-president was thinking about running as a Democrat with Jesse Ventura at his side, which could have resulted in us living in a more bizarre timeline than we currently do if he’d managed to pull off the win.

How did the encounter go? Well, based on the fact that the actor had to smoke a joint halfway through the meal to deal with Trump’s inability to shut his mouth, the answer appears to be “not too well”:

“So Jesse Ventura is a buddy of mine, and he called me up—and this is in, oh, 2002—and said, ‘Donald Trump is going to try to convince me to be his running mate for the Democratic ticket in 2004. Will you be my date?’ I said, ‘Yeah, man.’

So we all met at Trump Tower, sat down. Melania was there, only she wasn’t his wife yet. And it was, let me tell you, a brutal dinner. Two and a half hours. The fun part was watching Jesse’s moves. It would look like Trump had him pinned, was going to get him to say yes, and then Jesse would slip out at the last second.

Now, at a fair table with four people, each person is entitled to 25 percent of the conversation, right? I’d say Melania got about 0.1 percent, maybe. I got about 1 percent. And the governor, Jesse, he got about 3 percent. Trump took the rest. It got so bad I had to go outside and burn one before returning to the monologue monopoly.”

Strangely enough, Harrelson said he also attended college with Mike Pence and claimed the two of them got along pretty well when they interacted—although he suggested they might not vibe with each other nowadays.

What a world.

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