World’s deadliest fart leads to a fight and an arrest

There’s an old trope of comedy that farts = funny. Hector Alonzo Estrada must have missed that memo.


Police say that Estrada, 33, assaulted his brother after the brother had passed a particularly noxious blast of gas.

Estrada allegedly kicked his brother in the head, then fled the scene before the cops could arrive at the Austin, Tex. home.

Police followed Estrada’s footprints in the snow to a nearby McDonald’s where they were able to arrest him and bring him into custody.

Estrada denied that he assaulted his brother, telling officers that he merely fell. It’s unclear as to whether the blast from the Estrada brother’s rectal cannon knocked him off of his feet in Estrada’s version of the story.

Estrada faces a felony charge for the assault after a series of previous altercations including gross misdemeanor assault and interfering with a 911 call.