Watch The World’s Fastest Remote-Controlled Car Hit A Record Speed Of 94.76 MPH

RC car remote control

iStockphoto / Jarp

James Whomsley behind the popular ‘ProjectAir’ YouTube channel has just set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest RC car ever built. His remote-controlled jet-powered car reached a top speed of 94.76 miles per hour (152.50 km/h) before crashing, but still set a new world record in the process.

The news was announced by Guinness World Records today. They say it took James Whomsley three long months to get his car right, tweaking JetCat 220 engine along the way. During the first track test his car hit a top speed of 70 MPH and it was at that point he knew this was something special and had the potential to be the fastest RC car ever built.

James posted a longer video of the world record-setting event over a month ago but GWR shared a slimmed down version of the record-setting feat today:

James announced in mid-July that his world record for the fastest RC car ever built was accepted by Guinness World Records:

But today’s announcement from GWR appears to have made it officially official, as they’ve written about his record-setting achievement.

In order to achieve the world record his RC car has to travel at least 100 meters. He was able to easily get his car over that distance and achieve the 94.76 MPH speed to set the record despite rough weather conditions.