Four People Attempt To Eat The World’s Hottest Hot Sauce (Mad Dog 357) And Experience ULTIMATE Pain

mad dog 375 hot sauce challenge

Lizzy Wurst

I’m endlessly fascinated by people who think it’s a good idea to film themselves eating insanely spicy peppers and/or hot sauces on camera. Without fail, every single time one of these people films themselves attempting to eat something excruciatingly spicy they buckle over into unimaginable pain. This video is no exception.

YouTuber Lizzy Wurst invited three people onto her show to attempt to eat Mad Dog 375. If you’re not familiar with Mad Dog 375 it measures over 9 million Scoville Units and it’s said to be the hottest hot sauce on the planet. It seems pretty unsafe to me, but you can actually buy Mad Dog 375 on Amazon if you’re interested in trying the world’s hottest hot sauce. Just make sure you watch this video before making that purchase:

Totally #wrekt. It’s not like we’re surprised to see that they turned into helpless children after tasting Mad Dog 375, the world’s hottest hot sauce. I’m just consistently amazed that people film themselves trying this hot sauce or eating ghost peppers on camera and expect any outcome other than complete devastation.

Like I said before, it seems unsafe to me that Mad Dog 375 is available for purchase on Amazon. I feel like something this insanely hot should require you to sign multiple consent forms and you should have to pass multiple feats of strength before you’re able to purchase it. But, you can buy the world’s hottest hot sauce on Amazon if you too want to feel ultimate pain.