This Dude Has The World’s Largest Collection Of X-Men Memorabilia, Over 16,000 Items


Guinness World Records

Eric Jaskolka a the Guinness World Records holder. With over 16,000 individual pieces and growing, Eric has the world’s largest collection of X-Men memorabilia.

Ranging from backpacks to candy to watches to figurines to cosplay gear, Eric Jaskolka has enough X-Men memorabilia to fill up an entire museum. In fact, I can’t imagine Eric doing anything other than opening a museum with this collection. If he ever wanted to part with his Guinness World Record collection and make a profit he’d have to sell off each piece individually which would cost him an arm and a leg, and take up an unimaginable amount of time.

The team from Guinness World Records met with Eric Jaskolka to go behind the scenes and look at the world’s largest collection of X-Men memorabilia?

Anytime I see collections like this I can’t help but wonder where it all stops. Are there ‘great white buffalo’ items still out there that this dude is lusting after and hasn’t gotten his hands on yet? Is he bolstering the numbers in his collection by purchasing every new piece of X-Men memorabilia that hits the market anytime there’s a new X-Men movie? When does a person say ‘enough is enough’ with one of these world record-sized collections? I have to imagine that over time this is a compulsion and they don’t know when to stop.