The ‘World’s Ugliest Dog’ Has Been Crowned And He Looks Like The Drug Dealer Who Never Left My Hometown

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In a world where political correctness rules the day, it’s baffling that ‘The World’s Ugliest Dog‘ competition still exists. Especially seeing as dogs help law enforcement (without pay), assist the blind, provide emotional support for the anxious, and occasionally star on basketball and football teams in Disney movies. We can’t say fat people are fat, but we can demean and insult our innocent four-legged friends with the same enthusiasm we shout down people for body-shaming Honey Boo Boo. THE HYPOCRISY!

In any event, I’m too lazy to stand on my soap box and fight for the beauty rights of pooches, so I’ll join in on the shaming (I never claimed to have any integrity).

This year, 19 pups battled for the coveted prize of ‘World’s Ugliest Dog’ and the winner was selected on Friday at the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds & Event Center in Petaluma, California.

This year’s winner: Scamp the Tramp, which is coincidentally what I call my ex.

According to Scamp’s biography page, he was a former stray on the mean streets of Compton before being rescued from a Los Angeles animal shelter in 2014. His tangled hair naturally looks like it was plucked from Chewbacca’s grundel despite several trips to the groomer.

Don’t let Scamp’s hideous exterior blind you from the fact that he brings joy everywhere he goes as a pet therapist.

Scamp embodies the song “One Love” in his job as a pet therapist for the past seven years. Scamp visits Sebastopol Senior Center, bringing his wagging tail & instant smiles. The seniors like to guess what kind of dog he is and write stories about him. Scamp is also a reading dog volunteering weekly listening to first graders read stories to him. His favorite book is Go Dog Go. He crawls in the kid’s laps to listen, and they call him a fuzzy watermelon.

Scamp beat out some stiff competition this year to win his owner, Yvonne Morones, $1,500 in cash and another $1,500 to donate to an animal shelter.

Other participants include:

Rascal Deux:

Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds

Miss Moogie:

Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds

Willi Wonka:

Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds


Cobgratualtions to Scamp the Tramp on a well-deserved victory.

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