Which One Is ‘Worth It’ A $399 Suit Or A $7,900 Suit? Two Guys Find Out

What’s the difference between an off-the-rack suit from a place like Suit Supply or a custom tailored from one of NYC’s prestigious bespoke tailors? If you’ve never been to Suit Supply’s flagship store in SoHo, it’s pretty damn awesome. I used to live three blocks from that store and I’d swing in every time I needed something last minute for a wedding/black tie event (shirt, tie, belt, cufflinks, etc).

A few years ago, I had an intern who was also a Calvin Klein model. He taught me that Suit Supply is one of the best suit shops on the planet if you need something quick, and he was right. You can be in and out of that store in no time with a well-fitting suit that’s both stylish, and made from a great fabric…But, it’s not bespoke

I own one bespoke suit which I purchased from Custom Men tailors in NYC. They’re located up near Columbus Circle. I won’t tell you how much I paid for it but I’ll say that it was a lot more than the $399 suit at Suit Supply. I’ll also tell you that it’s the single best-fitting outfit I own. I opted for the 3-piece suit (vets, pants, jacket), and I pretty much find any and every excuse to wear this suit that I can. If you can ever afford a bespoke suit, regardless of what the video above says, I think you should buy it for yourself. Every man needs a tailored suit at least once in his life.