America’s Oldest Brewery Is Building A Beer-Themed Hotel

Yuengling Is Building a Beer-Themed Hotel

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Tampa offers a ton of attractions and activities from amusement parks to world-class beaches to fine dining. Now the Gulf Coast metropolis will feature a beer-themed hotel, which has beer drinkers excited. Yuengling has revealed that they are creating their own hotel right next-door to their brewery in Tampa, Florida.

The iconic Pennsylvania brewer will open up a new beer-themed hotel at their brewery in Tampa, Florida. The upcoming project was first reported by URBN Tampa Bay, an urban development advocacy group.

“Yuengling’s Tampa campus halted its brewery tours last month, promising on its website ‘major improvements’ in the future. Plans filed with the city of Tampa’s zoning board this month give a look at what some of the additions could look like: a 140,000-square-foot hotel, 12,700-square-foot restaurant, museum, gift shop, microbrewery, tasting room, indoor/outdoor beer garden and a conference center.”

“We are currently in the early stages of the zoning process and are exploring a variety of options for our Tampa campus, which could include any of the ideas listed on our application — from a brewpub, or tasting room, to a beer garden,” sixth-generation family member Wendy Yuengling said in a statement.

The 200-room beer hotel will be located next to their brewery at 11111 North 30th Street. Perfect, no driving, no Uber, you hardly have much of a walk from your hotel room to your sudsy oasis.

“Twenty years ago, we opened our first brewery in Florida to give consumers more opportunities to experience our brand. Since then, Florida has become a second home for Yuengling, leading our growth in the southern half of our 22-state footprint,” Wendy Yuengling said in a statement.

“As consumer interest in locally crafted beer continues to grow, we are always looking for ways to engage our loyal fans and re-envision the Yuengling experience in Tampa,” she continued. “This new development will not only offer visitors an enhanced brewery hospitality experience, but will also increase our presence in the local community.”

Yuengling has a zoning hearing scheduled for September 12.

Yuengling already faces some delicious competition because the Tampa Bay area is already a hotbed for great breweries. Between Tampa, Ybor City, St. Pete, Clearwater and Dunedin there are wonderful breweries including Cigar City, Big Storm, 3 Daughters, Tampa Bay Brewing, Arkane Aleworks, Dunedin Brewery and Cycle Brewing.

Yuengling is America’s oldest brewery, founded back in 1829. The brewery in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, used to brew beers in caves because there was no refrigeration yet. That’s how old school Yuengling is.