‘Zoom Cat Lawyer’ Gets Milkshake Ducked And Canceled Less Than 24 Hours After Going Viral


Whenever someone gets instantly famous on social media it’s only a matter of time until they get canceled or “milkshake ducked” as they say on the Internet.

On Tuesday morning a video of a Texas lawyer who mistakenly turned on a cat filter during a Zoom court proceeding and was forced to continue with the call while appearing as a small kitten went viral on Twitter.

The “Zoom Cat Lawyer” is West Texas lawyer Rod Ponton, who was at the center of controversy back in 2014. According to Business Insider journalist Anthony Fisher, Ponton was accused of abusing his power as a local prosecutor to harass a former lover by targeting her business after she stopped returning his phone calls.

It’s pretty incredible how “Zoom Cat Lawyer” has gone from universally beloved to canceled in record time but that’s how things go on the Internet.

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