10 Biggest Ladies Men In Recent TV History


Fresh Prince

When it comes to the seemingly hundreds upon hundreds of our favorite male TV characters, there were indeed no shortage of ladies men. If you were anything like myself, and hell, had testosterone running through your veins, you were certainly attempting to live vicariously through several of them.

In celebration of their innate ability to get the women swooning, I give you some of the finest at it in descending rank order.

#10. Jason Stackhouse – True Blood

From the time Sookie Stackhouse’s older bro first made his manly presence known in Bon Temps to his latter years as a Renard Parish police department deputy, it was quite obvious that the ladies-human or vampire-never stood a playing-hard-to-get-chance against his southern charm.

Turns out his bottomless libido came to be when he hooked up with his former high school teacher, Miss Steeler. However, his penchant for bat-shit crazy women nearly got him turned, killed and framed for murder. Hell hath no fury like a scorned woman-no one knows that better than Stackhouse. A true chick magnet, nonetheless.

#9. A.C. Slater – Saved By The Bell



Lionel Ritchie aside, nobody wore the Jheri curl better than Albert Clifford aka A.C. Slater. Regardless, ladies dig a guy that can play sports. And this army brat-turned Bayside jock had no shortage of em-wrestling, football, and even basketball. If that wasn’t enough, he also donned a black leotard and did it quite proudly no less.

Call me stupid but, if a dude wearing a onesie doesn’t speak volumes about a man’s confidence in his own masculinity, then I don’t know what would.

#8. Don Draper – Mad Men



Don Draper was a powerful advertising exec with the meanest circa 1960s side hair part you’ll likely ever see in your life. When ZZ Top said “everybody’s crazy bout a sharp dressed man,” they were evidently singing about this dapper businessman without even knowing it.

Sure, his real name was Dick and he wrongfully inherited a deceased brother-in-arms’ identity, but it was a scripted show people. Regardless, January Jones, Jessica Pare and Maggie Siff were all fist pound-worthy-if you ask me.

#7. Vincent Chase – Entourage



Yes, Vinny Chase “is Queens Boulevard,” but… he’s also a Hollywood box office draw that got more you-know-what then he knew what to do with it. In the midst of a handful of failed movies, a hiatus and a drug bender, Vince still managed to continually rebound and do quite well for both himself, and his boys.

Some of his most notable female accomplishments were a smokin’ hot journalist played by Alice Eve (now ex-wife), porn star Sasha Grey, and the lovely Emily Ratajkowski-10 years his junior (24). Whether you were E, Drama, Turtle or Vinny himself, you can rest assured everyone was reaping the benefits of the latter’s “good life.” Victory, victory.

#6. Tommy Gavin – Rescue Me

While he wasn’t your quintessential ladies man and struggled to battle his personal demons from 9/11, Tommy Gavin’s self-proclaimed “bony, white, Irish ass” still raked in more females than you, or me, or most of us, could ever count. Ladies love a man in uniform, and this Ladder 62 firefighter was no exception to that rule.

Truth be told: Tommy wasn’t capturing any relative of the year awards with his twisted relationship with cousin Jimmy’s widow, Sheila. However, at the end of the day, when someone’s life was on the line, no one had the balls like Tommy did-a true testament to being a real man.

#5. Zack Morris – Saved By The Bell

Bayside Prom King, killer blonde skater cut, and proud owner of yesteryear’s gigantuous version of today’s smart phone. Slacker or not, Zack Morris had some damn good business acumen; a key alpha trait.

I mean, who else did you know on TV that could freeze frame a sitcom scene whenever he damn well pleased? Kelly Kapowski, Stacey Carosi and even Slater’s sister all fell victim to the Zack Attack lead singer-at one point or another-to this well-beyond-his-years playboy.

#4. Hank Moody – Californication

David Duchovny dating history girlfriends


Who says the Vinny Chase’s of the world gotta get all of the Hollywood poon? Clearly, those writer folk don’t do too shabby either. Case in point: a stubborn and rough-around-the-edges scribe named Hank Moody.

If brownie points were being given for good personal hygiene, Hank wouldn’t get a smidgen of consideration-with a grimy Porsche and lackluster writing routine that made even his drug benders look regimented.

However, if iCloud were a rolodex, Hank would be using up a shit-ton of gigabytes to store all of his female companions he’s accrued from throughout the years. A Porsche dealer, female boxer, and the wife of a school Dean, were a few of his very different trysts.

#3. Will Smith – The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


Fresh Prince

West Philadelphia born and raised… C’mon, you know the rest; unless you’ve been living under a rock that is. Assuming you do, you most certainly caught an NBC sitcom called The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air where Will Smith played… wait for it… Will Smith.

From the moment this Philly transplant started spewing his witty pickup lines and his high faded mane, you knew he wasn’t messing around when it came to the honeys. Don’t believe me? Just ask Carlton, who spent several seasons looking up to his cousin not only in stature, but in the female department as well. Tyra Banks, Garcelle Beauvais, and Naomi Campbell-need I say more?

#2. Christian Troy – Nip/Tuck

Long before Glee, creator Ryan Murphy introduced us to an egomaniac plastic surgeon named Christian Troy, who always found a way to coerce his female patients into sleeping with him, or any other members of the opposite sex for that matter…

As out of line as his sexual appetite got-which mind you, had him forcing a woman wear a paper bag on her head-he always seemed to hold a torch for Kimber Henry, (with sarcasm) a woman of many, many talents.

As the saying goes, karma is a bitch and Christian ended up falling victim to it when he was misdiagnosed with breast cancer. This led to a relationship with Liz Cruz that had us all going WTF? Either way, Christian had a way with women.

#1. Charlie Harper – Two and a Half Men

Charlie may have been a one-trick pony when it came to his wardrobe-always sporting a bowling shirt with a pair of khakis. When it came to the ladies, not so much. It’s safe to say that if the real Charlie wouldn’t have had his infamous 2011 meltdown, we may have seen him reach the 5,000-women mark that the actor himself supposedly claimed he’s bedded. Alright, well just maybe he was pushing it.

Denise Richards, Jenny McCarthy and Heather Locklear are just a few of the plethora of guest stars that he was “winning” with over and again on Men. Hence, why he’s nabbed the no. 1 spot.

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