13 Bro-iest Pop Culture Moments in 2013

1. Snapchat 

Instagram’s sexy sister hit it big in 2013, and for good reason. Although some blame her for encouraging selfies, Snapchat opened new doors in the sexting world, and for that, we thank her.

2. Paul Rudd and Jason Segal’s interview

There’s high as a kite, and then there’s atmospheric. These two were atmospheric. And it was hilarious. Sure, it happened in 2009 while promoting I Love You, Man, but bros don’t care. We loved it this year.

3. Seth Rogen and James Franco’s remake of “Bound 2”

This one was easy because Kanye’s version sucked. And Rogen and Franco’s did not. In fact, they turned “Bound 2” into what it should have been in the first place: a big effing joke.

C’mon, Kanye – have a sense of humor. Replace Kim with a hairy Seth Rogen, and you’d have a way better video too.

4. Bro tears for Brian Griffin’s death

Everyone remembers where they were when they first heard about it. He was too young to die like this. Sure, he was around 91 in human years, but that’s beside the point. Sure, he’s already back on the show, but will it really be the same between him and Stewie, him and Peter?

Yeah, probably. Still, sad stuff.

5. Ron Burgundy interviews Peyton Manning

This was kind of a big deal. Manning did his best, but even his impressive comedic chops couldn’t keep up with Ron Burgundy, who asked Manning about his African-American brother Daniel Manning, and told Peyton that he used to shout “Check-off” as the scout team quarterback at San Diego State.

6. Walter White’s Breaking Bad hurts so good

Remember when Walter fed his son shots of tequila in front of his DEA brother-in-law way back when? Dude’s a bro through and through, and 2013 was no different. No spoilers here, but the show’s series finale did not disappoint.

7. ESPN’s photo gallery on Dallas Cowboys’ losses

This was pretty sweet, although it needs to be updated to include last week’s epic meltdown against Green Bay. If you’re a Cowboys fan – bummer. If you’re a fan of any other team in the NFL – rejoice, for you surely enjoyed this.

8. Retraining drug dogs not to sniff for marijuana

Hopefully in 2014, this happens everywhere, but for now, way to kickass in 2013, California. You’re constantly in debt and continue to slide into the Pacific, but this one time, ya did good. Yeah, Colorado, Washington, and other states are also getting it right, but c’mon, how badly does California need some positive press right now?

9. Olinguito discovered 

In this world of rampant vegetarianism, I, for one, am glad to have another carnivore bro in our midst. Good for you, little guy.

10. The beginning of Justin Bieber’s downfall 

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Bieber got so much wrong in 2013, and how sweet it was to watch/read/hear it. He insulted Anne Frank, peed in a mop bucket while cursing out Bill Clinton, and was caught being carried up the Great Wall of China by two body guards, just to name a few of his impressively intelligent exploits. The dude’s a moron, and with any luck, the rest of the world is starting to discover it.

11. Kate Upton’s… Everything

Seriously. Tell me what to hyperlink here, because I don’t know. It’s all so good. The cover of Sports Illustrated. The Golf Digest photo shoot – Arnie, you dog. The thing on the horse. There’s just too much awesome.

12. House of Cards

Frank Underwood’s a boss. There are no two ways about it. For the entirety of Season One, he made fools of everyone—while hooking up with hot reporters and manipulating pesky politicians. Keep fighting the good fight, Frank.

13. Duck Dynasty 

The Oxford English Dictionary named “selfie” the 2013 word of the year. Screw that. Instead of putting selfie on the list, let’s celebrate the least selfie-taking family we know: the Robertson’s of Duck Dynasty. Their season four premiere drew 11.8 million viewers, a record for a nonfiction cable telecast. Take that, selfie.

Think you’ve got something Bro-ier that didn’t make my list? Comment below.

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