15 Reasons To Hate the New Xbox One

There is no other way to describe what is going on with Microsoft these days. When we were first introduced to the Xbox back in 2001, we all began walking down a road that many of us are still traveling. However, the announcement of the Xbox One and all it's features has had most of us loyal fans running for the woods. 

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You can put diamonds on a box of crap and you are still left with a diamond covered box of crap. Microsoft let us all down with this one. Did they think we wouldn't notice the money scheme they call a gaming system that is set to be released in November? Did they think they could just slip this thing in without us hearing about all the features that remind us of a George Orwell book.

It isn't that this gaming system is going to be terrible, it is just obvious Microsoft doesn't care about their fans anymore. They are simply trying to make more money and they aren't even trying to hide it. Here are 15 reasons why you should probably hate this new Xbox One.

15. Design 

The Xbox One is the next big thing coming from Microsoft. So why in the world would they build it to resemble something from the original Total Recall. This thing has no sense of style. It is bland as a bag of peanuts and as boring as a bottle of flat soda. If Microsoft wanted to win, they would have started with a better design.

14. Component Cables 

No More – Not everyone has a 3-D HDTV. We get that. But most of us can safely say that if we own a video gaming console that was manufactured in the last three years, we own an HDTV of some kind. The only downside to owning the older, cheaper model HDTV’s was an HDMI output. Most of the TV’s from a few years back, in our price range, only had one output. The XBOX One doesn’t allow for component cables, only one HDMI output. So if you want the Xbox One, it might be time to buy a new TV first.

13. Kinect is Required

You will have no choice but to use the Kinect with the Xbox One, it is required. We feel bad for those of you still gaming in a tiny bedroom, you might be in for some tough times. Anyone else feel like someone will be watching us?

12. No More Lending Games  

If you own a huge library of games and want to share them with all your friends, you can but they have to pay a fee. That’s right folks. If you buy a game and then want to play it on another system, you have to pay for the usage of it which could end up costing almost as much as the retail price of the game. What’s next? Unable to play old Xbox games on the new system?

11. Not Backwards Compatible

We were hoping you weren’t expecting us to give you some good news here because, frankly, there isn’t any. The Xbox One will not allow backwards compatibility for old Xbox 360 games. That doesn’t make us want to empty our wallets on the Xbox One now, does it? We can simply switch over to the PS4 now since the games will already need to be replaced. What kind of loyalty do they expect from gamers?

10. Indie Developers

As of now, indie developers will not be able to self publish games like they are allowed to on the PS3 or Nintendo Wii. The PS4 will also allow it. If Microsoft was trying to ruin gaming, this is where it begins. Indie developers are the true gamers. They are the heart and soul behind gaming and without them, we would still be using a Nintendo 64.

9. Half Functionality for Live TV

When you pass your set top box through your Xbox One to gain access to Live TV, of which you are already paying for, you will be limited to the functions you can use. Sure, it is great to be able to watch live TV on one half of the screen and play a game on the other, but you lose a few features. If you have a DVR on your set-top box, that will not work. Neither will the on-demand stuff. You will have to hook it back up to the TV, as it was before the Xbox One got involved.

8. Halo

You Son of a Bitch! All this time we fought the covenant and protected Earth for you and this is what we get? Another Halo game to be released but ONLY on the Xbox One? Anyone else feel like we are getting screwed with our pants on? I remember something like this happening with the Halo 3 release and the Xbox360. Microsoft just keeps on going with the same outdated routines.

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7. Fantasia: Music Evolved 

So Disney isn’t as Bro as Halo but Fantasia: Music Evolved is still going to be one of the biggest games of 2014. And guess what? It will be exclusive to the Xbox One. Oh those tricky Gates.

6. Used Games 

Remember the days of renting video games from Blockbuster? You would have 3 days to beat it before bringing it back. Then you would get another. Those days are long gone. The Xbox One will allow game developers the ability to restrict user access to used games meaning if you sell a game to someone, they might have to pay another fee just to use it on their console and the fee will be dependent on the developer.

5. Price

$499 is not a bad price for a gaming console in 2013. However, when the major competition has kept their price at $399, that extra $100 bucks is a huge deal. The PS4 will be cheaper and not as restrictive to gamers. So why should we pay the money for a gaming system we just spent hours convincing you is a bad idea?

4. Headsets Will Not Fit  

If you paid $150 on the top of the line headsets used for the Xbox360 and are planning on buying an Xbox One, you better sell them now before they become worthless because they will not work with the new controller. Microsoft decided to change the headset ports on the controller. That works out great for them because it equals more money.

3. Kinect Will Always Be On 

This is just plain creepy. Sure, I love the idea that I can say Xbox on and it magically turns itself on but what else do I want being heard? Is there someone in a room somewhere listening to my kinect? Is that called Prism too?

2. Internet is Required 

No not at all times, just once every 24 hours so Microsoft can check up on you like a mean old babysitter. Are they serious? Did this sound like a good idea especially now with all the NSA chatter about listening in on our phone calls? Now we have to keep this damn thing connected to the Internet or we will not be able to play our games? Wow Microsoft, just wow.

1. Microsoft Isn’t Changing

Microsoft is proving that no matter what happens in the world today, they are keeping it real. They are staying exactly the same. They are out to make a profit and do not care about the gamers anymore. If you want to get on board the ship, it is leaving at dawn. That is their attitude and that is why most of us are going over to the dark side come November.