25 Instances Of Celebrities Selling Out. Epically.

With the use of wireless technology, it has become much easier for a person to become famous. There are many different applications a person can use like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, Facebook, etc…

So when it comes to celebrities, selling out comes much easier thanks to the millions of people willing to do almost anything to be famous. It is almost impossible to be famous without selling out at some point.

Selling out once for something you love is completely understandable. If Chuck Norris wants to sell Total Gym’s, that makes sense because he is the World’s most famous badass action hero. He probably uses that thing every single day too.

Or when Gwyneth Paltrow endorses Estee Lauder. That’s not selling out, she’s one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. She has to endorse beauty products.

But when you star in movies like Norbit, The Adventures of Pluto Nash, Meet Dave, and A Thousand Words, you have reached an epic level of selling out. Eddie Murphy can pretend he didn’t do those terrible movies for the money but when he is making $20 million a picture, the numbers don’t lie. Does he even care to read the scripts?

Let’s take a look at celebrities that have epically sold out one or more times throughout their careers.

25. Pro Athletes: Oreo’s, McDonald’s, Coke, Pepsi

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What kind of message does it send to our youth that famous athletes eat unhealthy? If Michael Jordan can eat a Big Mac with fries and a coke while playing one-on-one, why can’t anyone else? Kids are watching these elite athletes pretend to eat Oreo’s every night or drinking Pepsi after practice. It is irresponsible and stupid.

24. Hulk Hogan: Pastamania

Hulkamania was insanity in the late 80’s. But a fast food pasta place is just plain moronic. The Pastamania idea endorsed by Hulk Hogan was the perfect example of just how big of a sellout he was literally taking anything offered to him.

23. Penelope Cruz: Nintendo DS

Penelope Cruz can barely speak English all while being one of the sexiest woman alive yet we are supposed to believe that she actually stays at home, dresses up as Mario, and plays on a Nintendo DS? If she played anything, with the amount of money she has, she would be playing an actual gaming console.

22. Black-Eyed Peas: Adding Fergie

When a musician sells out, everyone knows. The Black-Eyed Peas were once a innovative futuristic trio that was struggling to find success. So they added Fergie and started popping out the music that all the kids want to hear by sacrificing their musical origins.

21. Rachael Ray: Dunkin Donuts

Stay with us for a second on this one. Rachael Ray was once the spokesperson for Dunkin Donuts but was fired almost as quickly as the commercials aired because she was wearing a scarf that looked like a keffiyeh around her neck. Michelle Malkin, a conservative political columnist, pointed it out causing Dunkin Donuts to pull the ads right away. The real puzzle is why Rachael Ray, who is a big promoter of healthy living, is promoting donuts.

20. Katy Perry: Popchips

Katy Perry has two redeeming qualities, she can sing and she has the greatest pair of knockers West of the Mississippi River. So it is only natural that a company as large as Pepsi would hire her to sell their brand. But Popchips? Did she own stock in the company? Watch the video and then decide for yourself.

19. Muhammad Ali: D-Con Roach Traps

Muhammad Ali lost three of his final four boxing matches of his career between 1978 and 1981. Prior to that, he only lost two matches in 17 years. Is it a coincidence that he was promoting his very own line of roach traps between 1978 and 1981? Roach traps, really?

18. Kirstie Alley: Jenny Craig

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When Jenny Craig hired Kirstie Alley, she was a big girl. She then lost an amazing 75 pounds using Jenny Craig and solidifying the system as legit. However, shortly after she parted ways, she gained the weight back, this time it was 83 pounds. Well, she is back and down 50 pounds using Jenny Craig. Wait, are they saying that without them we will all gain weight? Or is Kirstie Alley just not a good person to hire?

17. Iggy Pop: Swiftcover Insurance

Iggy Pop selling insurance that he claimed to have been using himself is about as far to the left as a sell-out can go. Swiftcover Insurance got into a lot of trouble because they had a policy not to cover anyone in the entertainment industry and that Iggy was lying about the coverage. Oh well, it doesn’t change the fact that he sold out for a quick buck.

16. Scarlett Johansson: SodaStream

If Scarlett Johansson owns a device that turns your drinks into carbonated messes, then we would all be fooled. No way does she ever use this or ever think about using it. You can’t sell us something we know isn’t really being used by her.

15. Wynonna Judd: Alli

Apparently, Alli was a diet pill that helped users lose an extreme amount of weight which is why Wynonna Judd, a longtime heavyset celebrity, decided to endorse the product. However, the biggest downside to the pill was, and we cannot make this stuff up, anal leakage. So imagine Wynonna Judd running around, well, you know where that is going.

14. Arnold Schwarzenegger: Mobile Strike Game

It appears that mobile games are the next big thing for celebrities to become the spokesperson for and Arnold Schwarzenegger is still a celebrity, right?

13. Rachel Bilson: Magnum Ice Cream

The only time Rachel Bilson ate ice cream was when she was at her 5th birthday party. (It might be true) There is zero chance she is running around eating fancy ice cream that implies, well, it has a sexual tone to it.

12. Kate Upton: Game of War

Kate Upton sold out to become Game of War’s busty cleavage of an ad campaign for about $40 million. However, she is so amazingly beautiful that we now play the game just in the time it took us to write this piece. She is in the game too, in case you were curious. She just lacks the same amount of talent, if you know what we mean.

11. Shannen Doherty: EducationConnection.com

Do you remember this commercial? It looked like it was shot from a high school audio/video club. It was that terrible. Not only was the quality crappy but if there was anyone in Hollywood that could sell education, Shannen Doherty is probably the last name on the list. She claims to have graduated from a private French school in L.A. with a 4.0 and even said she could have gone to Princeton yet now she is claiming to have gotten it from an online degree service?

10. U2: Apple and iTunes

How many people were pissed when they watched U2 sellout during Apple’s 2014 announcement of the iPhone 6? There weren’t too many people upset over that, U2 sells out all the time. However, when their newest album was force loaded onto every iOS users phone or iPad, without their permission, the true anger began. How many souls did they sell to the Devil in order to make a deal with Apple?

9. Paris Hilton: Carl’s Jr.

Like Rachel Bilson, Paris Hilton doesn’t eat Carl’s Jr. If she did, she would probably die from heart attack as her body hasn’t taken in that many calories since the home movie she made with Rick Salomon.

8. Catherine Zeta-Jones: T-Mobile

Celebrities and wireless providers are rarely a good combination. Catherine Zeta-Jones must have been in need of some extra cash when she signed on to endorse T-Mobile. Her sex appeal helped bring it on home but the truth is, she never once fooled us into believing that she used that carrier, not once.

7. Ice Cube: Career Path

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After watching Straight Outta Compton, we find it hard to believe that is the true story of a man who recently starred in The Longshots and Ride Along 1 and 2. What happened to his attitude and artistry? Ice Cube was one of the best lyricists rap has ever seen and now he is driving kids around in a family friendly SUV?

6. Al Pacino: Sky Fibre broadband

What the hell is Michael Corleone doing in a commercial selling broadband internet? This is one of the grossest forms of selling out that Hollywood has ever seen and it came at the hands of one of the biggest badasses.

5. William Shatner: Priceline

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William Shatner could have retired many years ago and still cash some nice size residual checks from his days as Captain Kirk. But he is a celebrity that cannot be forgotten so he signed on to promote Priceline in one of the most annoying television campaign ads ever. That is, until they added Kaley Cuoco

4. Dionne Warwick: Psychic Friends Network

Dionne Warwick will forever be linked to the Psychic Friends Network. Younger people in America might not even realize how great of a singer she was before she signed on to sell a product that was a giant fraud.

3. 50 Cent: Glaceau Vitamin Water

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Nothing says gangsta like a bottle of ice cold Glaceau Vitamin Water.

2. Bob Dylan: Cadillac, iTunes, Victoria’s Secret

This one is as bad as Al Pacino selling home internet services. Bob Dylan, one of the greatest musicians and song-writers of all-time, started appearing in ads for Cadillac car’s, iTunes, and he even popped up in a Victoria’s Secret ad?

1. Kim Kardashian: Anything

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Has Kim Kardashian ever told someone no? From the looks of her career, that would be a no. She has endorsed Tria at-home laser removal systems, GLAM silly bandz, Couture lollipops, Sketcher’s Shape-Ups, Opi nail polish, Quicktrim diet pills, Midori liqueur, Charmin public restrooms, Carl’s Jr, Shoedazzle.com, and about 500 other products, half of them are her own.