Apparently 5.5 Inches Actually IS Too Much For Kelly Ripa To Handle

kelly ripa iphone

YouTube/The Late Show

A couple of weeks ago the Internet collectively cracked up at some implied dick jokes that Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan made on their morning show when discussing the new iPhone 6 and how “large” it was going to be. Kelly disagreed that it would be too big, calling 5.5 inches “very underwhelming.”

Here’s video of the discussion via Uproxx for some perspective…

Fast forward to last night and Ripa explains to David Letterman that, despite Strahan and Gelman telling her the phone was too big, she got one anyway. Go big or go home, right? Big mistake as it turns out the new iPhone 6 Plus has way more girth than Kelly can possibly manipulate with her small hands…

There really is nothing better than penis innuendo humor in the morning is there?

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