82-Year-Old Former Aerospace Engineer Belts Out ‘Let The Bodies Hit The Floor’ On America’s Got Talent

If you’re a retired 82-year-old elderly gentleman you should probably spend most of your time trying not to die. Checking your blood sugar levels every hour on the hour, trying not to break your hip by walking down three steps and attempting to convince your grandchildren not to poison your liquid stool softener. But that’s not how John Hetlinger lives his life. John Hetlinger is a motherfucking badass.

The 82-year-old former is a former Navy pilot and retired aerospace engineer who once repaired NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. John has been retired for 15 years now and spends his free time singing karaoke. One of his favorite songs to sing is “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor.” Yes that “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor,” the 2001 nu metal anthem from rock band Drowning Pool.

Hetlinger appeared on America’s Got Talent to shock the judges and the crowed with his screaming stirring rendition. What the octogenarian doesn’t have in lung capacity or the pipes, he more than makes up with spirit.

The performance is so moving that Drowning Pool invited Hetlinger to join them on stage.

Keep kicking ass and not giving a single fuck John.

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