Watch Actual Lesbians React to the Lesbian Sex Scenes in ‘Blue Is the Warmest Color’

After winning the Cannes Palme d'Or in May, Blue Is the Warmest Color has been surrounded by controversy. Its director, Abedellatif Kechiche, was accused by lead Lea Seydoux of “psychologically raping” the actress, who went on to call the director a “sadistic and perverse manipulator who forced two young actresses to perform non-stop nude sex scenes for 10 days.” (Jesus.) Kechiche responded by calling Seydoux a “spoiled child.”

Then there's this: In a new video for Posture Magazine, filmmaker Yeni Sleidi screened sex scenes from Blue Is the Warmest Color to a group of actual lesbians (who, I should add, did a smashup job combating stereotypes by wearing glasses and playing with cats). It's no secret that lesbians are on the record as finding porn's lesbian sex to be hilarious. Would that also be the case for an award-winning, “sensitive”… French… independent film?


This video is thoroughly entertaining; the women are so unimpressed. Favorite quote: “I thought it was hot at the beginning, and then it got ridiculous when they kept switching sex positions every ten seconds. It started to feel like an infomercial for a kitchen product, where they try and showcase all the things it can do. 'It can chop, it can slice, it can dice, it can puree, it can eat out your asshole.'” 

And okay, second favorite quote: “It’s what we’d *hope* to be like. In real lesbian sex, there’s a lot more crying.” Sounds like my heterosexual sex, eh!

[H/T: Hollywood Reporter]