Some Horrible Monster Threw Powdered Sugar All Over Adam Levine Last Night

Adam Levine was on his way to film Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night when a “prankster” “pranked” him by tossing powdered sugar on his head. The definition of prank, you see, is open to interpretation.

The Maroon 5 frontman bravely resisted the urge to retaliate but was understandably irate.

So why did this happen?

One has to think Maroon 5’s hit single Sugar had something to do with it. Again, I’m not victim-blaming here. Just pointing out the obvious.


The jerk who did the sugar-throwing is nothing if not literal.

A show source told The Hollywood Reporter that the apparent prankster has been arrested.

According to the source, the alleged sugar-thrower also allegedly threw a rock at Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson last week, for which he was arrested. It is likely not a coincidence that Maroon 5’s latest single is “Sugar.”

A rep for Kimmel confirmed to THR that the show contacted police about the incident. “Immediately after the incident occurred, Jimmy Kimmel Live security followed protocol and alerted LAPD, who responded quickly and are looking into the situation,” the statement reads.

Perhaps the next logical prank is for a judge to throw the book — real or figurative — at him.

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