Allison Williams As Peter Pan Is Totally Killing My Hard-On For Her

Allison Williams Peter Pan


Alison Williams is sexy. Separate her from Marnie. She’s not really like the girl on Girls, shit I hope not, and she’s hopefully less Brian Williams than she seems but overall, face value, Allison Williams is almost a dime.

That said, this whole Peter Pan event is troubling. Live action TV with a hot lead almost killed my eternal chub for Carrie Underwood. Eventually, she made my hills come back alive, but it took a while.

Now that the first trailer has dropped I’ve gone from nervous to flat out worried.

That was an SNL skit, right? That was Allison Williams as Marnie as Peter Pan and any minute Keenan Thompson is going to swashbuckle into the scene and this will all be a bad dream.

The hair. The outfit. The fact she looks more like Zelda than the boy who never grew up.

My lust for her might be off to Neverland.

H/T Vulture