Allow David Koechner To Educate You On Guinness And Why It’s So Darn Delicious

David Koechner is a funny dude. The type of lovable fellow you’d love to pony up next to at the bar with a pint of delicious Guinness and have him wisecrack jokes all night. As the star of a new travel show on the Esquire Network called The Getaway, Koechner travels around the world and shows us how to experience a city like a local. Tonight is the season premiere of The Getaway at 9/8c. The kick-off episode features the comedian in Dublin, exploring all Ireland’s capital has to offer. Koechner ventures into the Guinness factory to educate us on the proper way to drink a pint of delicious stout, along with a tasting of all the breweries best suds. Check out two exclusive clips from the Esquire Network below.

Watch The Getaway tonight, 9/8c.

How to Drink a Guinness, with David Koechner: //

David Koechner Tastes Guinness:


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