Amazon Prime Just Changed The Video Subscription Game Forever

by 4 years ago
amazon prime download video service


In an unprecedented move Amazon Prime will now allow its subscribers to download their favorite TV shows and movies. Whoa.

Do you understand the gravity of this? That means if you’re taking a trip somewhere and you want to binge watch Entourage or Curb Your Enthusiasm or any number of other shows and movies you can just download an entire season or multiple films and not have to worry about whether your Wi-Fi is any good, or if you even have any.

Long trips in a car just got way more entertaining.

All you need to do is download the new Amazon Video app for iOS and Android and you’re all set.

The other good thing about this move by Amazon Prime is that it will hopefully force other video subscription services to do the same just to keep up.

This is huge, people.

You can sign up or check out all the benefits of Amazon Prime here.

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