This ‘American Gold Cross’ Spoof Bringing Aid To Wealthy One-Percenters Is Too Damn Funny

Even the exorbitantly rich need aid and support sometimes, too. I mean you never know when you’re going to get lost in your mansion, right!?

Much like the American Red Cross provides assistance to disaster relief efforts, the American Gold Cross provides relief and comfort for the lucky bastards in America known as the 1% – the hilarious commercial parody is the brainchild of the aptly named Bilderbergers comedy group.

It only costs 12 oysters a day…!

To have piece of mind that the 1% they can live lavishly like this?

AND you get your very own wealthy person picture!!?

Seems like a noble cause to me. And a tax write-off. Where do I donate?

[h/t The Awesomer]