Amy Schumer OWNS Interviewer Who Asked If Her ‘Trainwreck’ Character Was ‘Skanky’

by 4 years ago

Amy Schumer was in Australia this week for the premiere of her film “Trainwreck” and sat down with Melbourne radio hosts Matt Tilley and Jen Hall from KIIS 101.1to discuss her film.

What started as a friendly interview took a turn for the worst after the host asked if Schumer’s character was “skanky’ moments after they had established that the movie was autobiographical and based on Schumer’s personal experiences from over a decade ago.

Schumer, being the quick-witted comedian that she is, had the perfect response to this dipshit interviewer.

Host: “Do you have the word skanky in America?”

Schumer: “What made you think about your mom? Why did she just pop into your head?”

Host “Come on, that’s the character in the movie. I’m not trying to offend you,”

Schumer: “Whatever you are trying to do, you’re doing. That’s a rude question,”

Host : “I’m leaving until we get that car crash moment.”

Schumer: “Well you’re going to have to get from your wife when you get home.”

The interview just got even more awkward from there but seriously what did the interviewer expect when he asked that question to someone who has been confronting pejorative labels like “skanky” her entire career.

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