Anna Kendrick Played ‘F*ck, Marry, Kill’ And Of Course She Was Awesome At It

Oh yeah, Adam Devine was also there and played “F*ck, Marry, Kill” too, but we don’t care about him. All we care about here is our girl Anna Kendrick and her killer, and potty-mouthed, sense of humor.

I guess the reason Devine was there because he’s one of Kendrick’s co-stars in the upcoming film Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. You know, the movie where Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza do fun things in bikinis? Yeah, that film.

Anyway, back to Anna.

The game they were actually trying to play was called “Shag, Marry, Kill,” but Anna kept dropping F-bombs like a drunken sailor which, of course, made it way more entertaining.

Covering everything from superheroes like Batman, Superman, Thor and even Katniss Everdeen Kendrick gives out some hilarious and very well thought-out answers as to who she’d go to the altar with, sleep with, and murder.

As for Devine, at one point he had to choose from Adele, Beyonc√©, and Taylor Swift and if any of the Swiftie Army sees what he said, well, we already know he’s going to be in for a LOT of trouble.

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