Anthony Jeselnik Perfectly Explains Why It’s Stupid To Send ‘Thoughts And Prayers’ During A Tragedy

Another day, another senseless tragedy. This time, defenseless people at a center for people with developmental disabilities.

Sadly, it’s only going to get worse, with copycats and cowards wanting more attention for their purpose or just because they weren’t hugged as a kid. I don’t know the reasons people do the horrible things they do, I just know that every human craves the spotlight but some want to attract it to shine on them by doing horrific things to innocent people.

Just as guilty of spotlight hogging in these moments of tragedy are the people who run to social media to express their sadness, concern, and heartbreak over events like Paris, Sandy Hook and the riots in Baltimore.

The clip above from Anthony Jeselnik perfectly explains why sending “thoughts and prayers” out on social media is the most shallow thing a person can do in the wake of a tragedy.

“But I have to show my support! I’m upset!” Yes, you’re upset and heartbroken, we all are, but some of us choose to show our support in others ways. Sometimes silence is more powerful.