Did You Know Archer Was Once On An Episode Of ‘Sex And The City’ Where He Called Miranda A Lesbian?



Don’t ask how Wednesday night I came to be watching the third-ever episode of HBO’s ‘Sex And The City.’

Okay, I’ll tell you. It’s not *that* bad. I spent this past winter in a hibernated state, absolutely demolishing 180 episodes of ‘The West Wing.’ All seven season down the hatch during the Northern Hempishere’s cold months of November, December, January, February and March.

With that ending and summer coming, I didn’t want to embark on a massive new binge-watching project. I wanted to want to leave my house, and interact with humans, etc. But still, it’s good to have a show in your pocket, one if you don’t want to go out you can turn to, but that isn’t so engrossing as to make you make plans to stay in.

So I settled on rewatching ‘Sex and the City.’ I know, not the most Bro thing, but I figured having moved to New York City recently, the show could take on a new meaning. And being a writer in my 30s, I was just like Carrie! (I’ll stop now).

After watching the Caps get resoundingly beat to open their first round playoff series, I poured myself a big ol’ glass on bourbon and threw on an episode to unwind from the game.

In ‘Bay of Married Pigs,’ at her company’s softball game, Miranda agreed to let a coworker set her up with someone.

Here’s the scene. Listen to the voice.


That is so Archer. It’s so good. It’s comforting to know H. Jon Benjamin was Archer before he was even Archer.

Haha. He thinks Miranda’s gay. So Archer.

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