Ariana Grande Had A Flawless Impression Of Jennifer Lawrence On ‘SNL’

If there’s one sketch worth watching from this past week’s Saturday Night Live, make it the one where Ariana Grande NAILS her impression of Jennifer Lawrence.

“Annoyingly relatable” is probably the best way ever for describing Lawrence’s schtick. She pretends like she’s the Hollywood outlier when, in fact, she’s an A-list star who is anything but. It’s not like J-Law is just casually calling up fat bloggers like myself to eat jalapeno poppers and throw back a couple beers on a Tuesday afternoon So Grande is spot-on with her shade.

That said, I’ll always think J-Law is cool AF. Back in 2010, before she was an Oscar-winning actress, I had an opportunity to hangout and interview her at a movie junket in NYC for Winter Bone. BroBible was just starting to take off at the time and we just had our first huge party with Pretty Lights at T-5. But I blew it off to go drinking with an old college friend who was in town.

I’m an idiot, which I’ll openly admit. It was pretty dumb of me to blow off an opportunity to join a roundtable discussion with Jennifer Lawrence at the beginning of her movie career.  But… And a BIG, BIG but… I hardly have regrets for treasuring my friendships over being a cog in J-Law’s publicity machine at the time. That friend moved to Lake Tahoe a few weeks after that and our paths haven’t crossed since.

So, what I’m getting to is this: J-Law, if you’re out there, would you take a six year raincheck?

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