Why Arya Stark Is Actually The Biggest Badass On Game Of Thrones

by 3 years ago

Just when you think you’re safe, trottin’ through the woods on your fancy lil’ pony, all of a sudden ARYA MOTHAFUCKIN’ STARK pops in outta NOWHERE and stabs you right in THE FACE!!!!!!!!!

In reality, Arya is more of the underdog of the series – sure she’s training to be a badass secret undercover assassin, but what are the chances she actually makes it through to the end? With the way the show is going she’s just as likely to stub her toe, have it turn gangrenous and die a lame AF death in an alleyway as she is to actually kill Cersei or whatever. Same with Sansa, either she’s about to nut the fuck up and quit crying like the little bitch she’s been for the past five seasons or she’s getting stabbed soon. Ideally they both live, but if I had to pick one…yeah sorry, bye Sansa.

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