The Actress Who Plays Arya Stark On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Throwing Out Season 6 Spoilers On Instagram

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When we last left Arya Stark on Game of Thrones she had just gone blind after getting busy stabbity-stab-stab-stabbin’ Meryn Trent for being a creepy pedophile who also had part in MAYBE killing her sword fighting teacher, Syrio Forel. I only say “maybe” because in my spare time I like to wear tinfoil hats and spin theories about how Syrio and Jaqen H’ghar are one and the same person, but the proof for that is slim to none and I JUST LIKE TO MAKE THINGS UP OKAY LEAVE ME ALONE GOD.

But back to Arya being blind.

After finding out that Arya had ignored the mission given to her by the Faceless Men Jaqen H’ghar/Not Jaqen H’gar/Literally Anyone And Everyone Because He’s A Faceless Man had her drink a solution that caused her to lose her eyesight. While book readers think they know what happens to Arya, Game of Thrones has already taken several wild turns away from its source material which means…I dunno. No literally, I don’t know. No one knows what’s gonna happen except for the people who’ve got scripts, one such person being the 18-year-old actress who plays Arya, Maisie Williams. Will Arya get her sight back? Will she reunite with what remains of her family? Or is she set to become a badass assassin who cuts bitches and steals money no problem?

According to this Instagram, as of right now it looks like she’s set to be…blind. As in possibly that shit she drank won’t wear off, but then again maybe it will. Or maybe she’ll grow wings and spend the entire season eating dirt on planet Mars. No one can say for sure, so that guess is as good as any other at this point.

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